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  • Thank You

    Jytte and Manfred wrote on Nov 15, 2013 23:44:



  • Tulip Cottage 31/5-7/6/13

    Liz and Steve wrote on Jun 16, 2013 16:54:

    Dear Apostolis and Litsa
    Thank you for a wonderful holiday! The cottages are very comfortable,and the sea views from their elevated position above the town are breathtaking. Situated just outside lovely Skiathos town but with your wonderful lift service, at the cottage we felt we had the best of all worlds. Your kind hospitality and this wonderful location are simply ideal for us. We look forward to returning again next year! Kindest regards, Liz and Steve

  • 22/06-06/07 2012 Bluebell cottage

    Jenny and Keith wrote on Apr 18, 2013 09:37:

    Our holiday has been absolutely perfect! Bluebell cottage 10 out 10 view from the terrace amazing. Litsa and Apostolis are the perfect hosts, they also tell you of excellent restaurants. While you are here do have a B.B.Q. and try the excellent local produce.
    Thank you so much for making this a perfect holiday. We will be back next year.
    Kind Regards!

  • 31/08-14/09 2012 Jasmine cottage

    Janice and Ron wrote on Apr 18, 2013 09:32:

    Two weeks of much needed rest and relaxation. Staring the views from bed-royal luxury- we hardly moved for the first week-other than to town to eat.
    Coming home each day to beautiful Jasmine cottage, so clean and fresh, with such a view has been a real treat-arriving a few times we have just had to stop for a swim in the pool just because its so fab.
    Thank you Litsa and Apostolis, maybe we will be back with our family too!
    Much love!

  • 17/08-31/08 2012 Jasmine cottage

    Steve , Isabelle and Tom wrote on Apr 18, 2013 09:19:

    Our forth stay in Jasmine cottage. Once again we have had a wonderful relaxing holiday. Sorry to be leaving. Many thanks to Litsa and Apostolis. See you next year!

  • 18/08-29/08 2012 Tulip cottage

    Vanessa and Simon wrote on Apr 18, 2013 08:52:

    Our stay at Skiathos Garden Cottages has been truly fantastic. The setting and views are amazing. The pool made us feel like VIP'S!
    We are "very" grateful for the lifts to and from Town. The cottage was lovely and clean and the extra towels for use by the pool were an extra bonus, unexpected, but such a useful and super idea. The pool's "honesty" bar was also fabulous addition to our holiday. We have had a wonderful time in Skiathos, made extra special by Litsa and Apostolis hospitality!
    Thank you! We are planning our return visit next summer!

  • 20/07-31/07 2012 Rose cottage

    Sara and Andrea wrote on Apr 18, 2013 08:44:

    Our stay in Rose cottage was peaceful, comfortable and happy and sublime!
    Thank you to Litsa and Apostolis for your professionalism, your courtesy and Kindness. The cottage and setting couldn't be more lovely and the hosts do a wonderful job.
    Skiathos is a great Island, we'll be back soon to explore beaches and visit the surrounding Islands too!
    Best wishes

  • 19/05-26/05 2012 Tulip cottage

    Mac and Emily wrote on Apr 16, 2013 09:03:

    Dear Apostolis and Litsa,
    Thank you for a fantastic time at Skiathos Garden Cottages. We had a wonderful stay, beautiful Island with amazing beaches. Thanks for all your help and for the lifts into town!
    We hope to see you again soon,
    All the best

  • 31/08-07/09 2012 Lily cottage

    Debbie and Steve wrote on Apr 16, 2013 08:48:

    Dear Litsa and Apo,
    Another fantastic week's holiday at your delightful cottages.
    Weather fabulous, this time of year in Skiathos the sea has really warmed up and it was lovely to swim in. Visited lots of beaches we didn't find last time!!
    We have definitely returning in 2013, hopefully June and we can't wait!
    Thanks for your hospitality and kindness, as always it enhances our holiday.
    Have a great end of Season and a good Christmas New Year at home.
    See you next year!

  • 13/07-24/07 2012 Lily cottage

    Mike and Sandra wrote on Apr 16, 2013 08:41:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We had a fantastic stay at the cottage, you made us feel very welcome.
    Thank you so much for the lifts into town,it was very kind of you. Both Mike and I enjoyed our night out at Agnadio with you.
    Hope to see you next year.
    All the best,

  • 25/05-01/06 2012 Lily cottage

    Debbie and Steve wrote on Apr 16, 2013 08:28:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    As promised we came back and it was just as wonderful as May 2011.
    Weather a bit hit and miss at times, but it didn't spoil our time in Skiathos.
    So, we hope to be back again this Septemebr!
    See you soon,
    lots of love,
    Thanks for all the lifts into town again Apo!

  • 29/04-04/05 2012 Lily cottage

    Sam, Ann and Tasia wrote on Apr 15, 2013 18:02:

    We have had an amazing time on this Island. Such lovely family memories. You are blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world. This cottage has made our time here even more special.
    Thank you!

  • 11/08-18/08 2012 Rose cottage

    Andy and Jack wrote on Apr 15, 2013 17:53:

    Thank you both so much for a very enjoyable holiday. This was our first visit to this beautiful Island but it won't be our last!
    The location and views of your wonderful cottages are amazing and the pool will be very missed!!
    We wish you both well and hope to see you again next year!
    Thank you again.

  • 20/07-31/07 2012 Tulip cottage

    Andrea and Nuvole wrote on Apr 15, 2013 17:48:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you so much for your hospitality, your kindness, your beautiful cottages in this wonderful Island.
    It was a great holiday and we absolutely loved SKIATHOS!!
    Hope fully we will be back again!

  • 15/06-29/06 2012 Rose cottage

    Sara and Andrew wrote on Apr 15, 2013 17:41:

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta,
    Thank you so much for another wonderful relaxing holiday. As you know this is our 4th visit to Skiathos staying at lovely Rose cottage. We never tire of the amazing views from the terrace and beautiful pool and always look forward to our glass of wine whilst overlooking the town at night.
    You both work so hard to make sure everything is perfect and it always is!!!
    We leave today with more wonderful memeories of Skiathos and last, but not least we treasure your genuine hospitality and friendship and look forward to returning to the cottages.
    Lots of love!

  • 24/08-28/08 2012 Pop compact cottage

    Eva and Giulio wrote on Apr 15, 2013 17:19:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful place! It is so cozy and nice and Pop compact cottage is the most stunning one we have stayed during our holiday.
    Your kindness and taste are remarkable, we will spread the world as much as we can!
    Best wishes.

  • 19/05-02/06 2012 Pop compact cottage

    Toni and Andy wrote on Apr 14, 2013 21:04:

    You have a wonderful piece of paradise up here in the hillside. The views are incredible, the location peaceful and serene. The sounds of the birds, goat bells really add to the fantastic place of Pop compact cottage.
    Thank you for letting us share your world!
    Many thanks also for all the very reliable lifts to and from town. Hopefully we'll be back next year to see you again.
    Love and best wishes.

  • 13/05-19/05 2012 Pop compact cottage

    Anup and Andriana wrote on Apr 14, 2013 20:30:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We are leaving today after enjoying almost a wonderful week in your beautiful "Pop compact cottage". Stunning view, sounds of goat bells, rooster make the mornings worth waking for.
    Its so beautiful, remote, yes not far from the center of Skiathos. This has been one of our best holidays!
    Thanks for everything.

  • 29/04-03/05 2012 Pop compact cottage

    Sam and Ann wrote on Apr 14, 2013 20:17:

    We choose well from Australia. Amazing views from Pop compact cottage. Thank you for your hospitality. We shall recommend this accommodation to friends and family in Australia. Our daughter is joining us today so we are moving to Lily cottage. She will be delighted with the view at the accommodation too!
    Thank you Apostolis!

  • 16/09-23/09 2011 Pop compact cottage

    James and Sam wrote on Mar 03, 2013 20:14:

    Dear Apostolis and Litsa,
    A big thank you for a lovely holiday. We couldn\'t have hoped for a better place to stay than the Garden Cottages. Our week at Skiathos has passed for too quickly! Thank you also for the countless lifts. We couldn\'t have done without them.

  • 02/09-16/09 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Carol and Chris wrote on Mar 03, 2013 20:09:

    Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta,
    We are so glad to have found your website! Pop compact cottage is perfect and the two weeks here have been magical. Thank you for your lifts Apostolis, these have been much appreciated, especially the night lifts back.
    All the cottages are beautifully decorated and makes you spoilt for choice, views are fantastic. Thank you for making us feel welcome, this is where we shall always stay when visiting Skiathos.

  • 05/08-12/08 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Julie and Sharon wrote on Mar 03, 2013 20:03:

    Dear Litsa, Apostoolis and Nikoleta,
    You are blessed to have a tiny corner of heaven here and we feel privileged to have shared it this week. My abiding memory will always be your fabulous hospitality, which is second to none and the views, oh my, they are to die for!
    We will be back....

    Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and for sharing this location, its so wonderful and the perfect place to relax. I adore your pool and the views are magical.
    What a perfect holiday!
    Many thanks!

  • 26/07-05/08 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Nick and Anita wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:54:

    Litsa and Apostolis,
    Many thanks for making our stay in Skiathos so nice. Pop compact cottage is just fantastic, the perfect place to spend our honeymoon!!
    Thanks for all the lifts in and out of Town. We will go home with many happy memories...
    Hope to see you again!

  • 13/07-20/07 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Sandra and Craig wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:50:

    Litsa and Apostolis,
    Glad we finally came to stay with you at Pop compact cottage, where ideal we have had a great time.
    Nice to meet you finally Litsa after all our e-mails.
    Thank you Apostolis for all the lifts into Town
    Best wishes!

  • 06/07-13/07 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Suzanne and Lee wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:46:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    What a wonderful place you have so peaceful and the views are amazing wherever you stand in the cottage you can see the sea view even from the shower!
    Thanks for all the lifts up and down in the evenings, very much appreciated. It has been a perfect stay. Pop compact cottage is lovely and so clean and modern, one of the best places we have ever stayed and you made us both feel at home.
    If we come to Skiathos again we will definitely stay here, its perfect!
    Thanks again,

  • 21/06-01/07 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Jacqui and Darren wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:40:

    Litsa and Apostolis,
    We\'re loved every minute of our holiday, the views up here are to die for, so peaceful.Loved the sound of the goats bells all through the day and the one who we saw drinking from the pool at night, fabulous!
    A perfect stay after coming to Skiathos for over 12 years the cottages have to be the best. Thank you for all the lifts up and down.
    See you both soon,

  • 15/06-20/06 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Orla and Eoin wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:29:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Many thanks for a wonderful experience!!
    Pop compact cottage was beautiful to stay in and your location is great.
    We hope you have a very busy summer and every success for the years to come!
    Best wishes.

  • 03/06-10/06 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Belinda and Mike wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:25:

    We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Skiathos Garden Cottages. What a little gem!
    Amazing location and Fantastic views. Thank you Apostolis for being so welcoming and friendly. The lifts were extremely appreciated!
    We will definitely be back!

  • 17/05-24/05 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Malcolm and Grainne wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:11:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Many thanks for making our stay here so relaxing and comfortable.
    You have thought of everything it seems! The views are amazing, tranquil evenings spent watching the moon rise over Skiathos Town are just some of the beautiful memories we will take back home.
    Keep up the great work, good luck for future!

  • 12/05-19/05 2011 Pop compact cottage

    Joanne and Lucy wrote on Mar 03, 2013 19:06:

    A stunning place to stay! Litsa opened her heart<

  • 02/09-09/09 2011 Tulip cottage

    Steve and Jean Ellison wrote on Mar 03, 2013 18:36:

    Thank you for a wonderful holiday. Your cottages are really lovely and the view is out of this world. The hospitality you have given us is really appreciated. You are lovely people!

  • 26/07-03/08 2011 Tulip cottage

    Stef, Marja,Guus and Lilly wrote on Mar 03, 2013 18:12:

    We have had a great week in Skiathos Garden Cottages. The pool was the favourite place for our children. The view was fabulous. We had a great spotlessly clean cottage. We were satisfied and we will be back!

  • 01/07-08/07 2011 Tulip cottage

    Vickie and Rob wrote on Mar 03, 2013 18:05:

    Here again a great holiday in beautiful surroundings.
    We will be back!

  • 06/08-10/08 2011 Rose cottage

    David,Ajelet,Tomer,Guy and Tal Gordon wrote on Mar 03, 2013 17:04:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis.
    We have had a wonderful time in your place! Every single thing here is perfect! The cottage, the view, the location and the pool. We promised to our selves to come back and recommend "Skiathos Garden Cottages".

  • Our favourite place

    dianah worman wrote on Jan 10, 2013 13:43:

    We have been coming to Skiathis now for years. We love it and stayng at Skiathos Garden Cottages is always like home to us. No where else compares and our visits are a key highspot every year. We count Litsa and Apostolis as our friends. They take great care of all their guests needs.

  • S.G.C.

    George,Radiaua,Nikolai,Marcho and Gergana wrote on Nov 19, 2011 09:12:

    09/07-17/07 2011 Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you very much for everything!We have had an amazing time and all here was great! We are looking forward to come back here the next years!

  • S.G.C.

    Sara and Andrew wrote on Nov 19, 2011 09:07:

    10/06-24/06 2011 Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta.
    It was lovely to see you all again.Rose cottage as ever was absolutely perfect.The weather,views from the terrace and Skiathos itself meant we had another wonderful relaxing holiday.We know it won't be our last.
    Thank you again for your generous hospitality and friendship!

  • S.G.C.

    Allison and Paul wrote on Nov 19, 2011 09:01:

    03/06-10/06 2011 Rose cottage.

    As always,perfect!
    Beautiful weather,great company!
    Well see you soon.

  • S.G.C.

    Lynda wrote on Nov 19, 2011 08:57:

    08/05-13/05 2011 Rose cottage.

    Thank you so much Litsa!
    Not only did you provide me a luxury home,so tastefully decorated and soothing to my soul,but you also pampered me with your genuine hospitality and attention to detail!
    In addition to the wonderful atmosphere,and the spectacular view overlooking Skiathos and the Aegean sea but equally unique was the hidden goats in the mountain side,where their cow-bell necklaces chimed gently throughout the day.
    What a blessing!
    Thank you!

  • S.G.C.

    Jessica wrote on Nov 17, 2011 18:31:

    11/09-15/09 2011 Lily cottage.

    We arrived here from Alonisos and we're absolutely delighted with the views here and the very comfortable cottage!It has been a great place to stay whilist exploring Skiathos.We are very grateful to Apostolis for all the lifts to and from the town and so on.
    All in all a fantastic few days!
    Best wishes!

  • S.G.C.

    Denis and Olga wrote on Nov 17, 2011 18:18:

    03/09-10/09 2011 Lily cottage.

    To Apostolis and Litsa,
    Thanks for the very comfortable stay at the cottages.The view,the pool and the terrace with BBQ are perfect! We appreciated all the lifts to and from the village,its really a good extra value for the stay.The Island is so little and cosy that we felt like home from day one.Keep on providing such quality accommodation!

  • S.G.C.

    Giulia,Massimo and Paolo wrote on Nov 17, 2011 18:02:

    27/08-03/09 2011 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We're leaving today,leaving a piece of our heart in this wonderful place.This is peace!
    Thank you for your kind hospitality!Hope to be back very soon to appreciate again this wonderful view!
    All the best!

  • S.G.C.

    Stewart and Davina wrote on Nov 17, 2011 17:52:

    29/07-12/08 2011 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta,
    Thanks once again for a wonderful holiday at the Garden Cottages.The lifts back and forward into town were much appreciated.On the second week our friends arrived to join us.Views,pool and poolside bar added to the holiday.
    Hope to see you all again here!

  • S.G.C.

    Sven and Viel wrote on Nov 17, 2011 17:43:

    26/07-29/07 2011 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Like many of your guests,trully thanks for a wonderful stay here!I must say that Skiathos Garden Cottages touches the level of excellency on all scales.What a hospitality,what a view from the balcony and what a nice cottage.Our kids also loved Rosa the cute litle cat of Nikoleta's.Thanks to Apostolis for the service of lifts to town,really appreciated!
    We loved our stay here and your hospitality!

  • S.G.C.

    Louise and John wrote on Nov 17, 2011 16:24:

    13/07-20/07 2011 Lily cottage.

    Dear Apostolis and Litsa,
    WOW!We have had another amazing visit to the wonderful "Skiathos Garden Cottages" and the beautiful Island.This time mainly relaxing by your gorgeous pool and amazing view.
    Thank you so much for all your lifts to and from town,such a wonderful service.
    Much love to you all!

  • S.G.C.

    Malcom,Mandy,Kara and Chelsey wrote on Nov 17, 2011 16:18:

    17/06-01/07 2011 Lily cottage.

    To Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoletta.
    We've had another fantastic stay at the cottages.Litsa and Apostolis you had made us feel very welcome,you are great hosts!
    Hope to see you again and soon!
    All our love!

  • To celebrate our 35th Anniversary

    Diane and Stuart wrote on Nov 17, 2011 16:02:

    27/05-10/06 2011 Lily cottage.

    Memories get more special each time we visit.Yet again the "Cottages" live up to our dream.Litsa and Apostolis you are a Great Couple who make us very welcome.Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship.
    We look forward to returning with our friends in August.Until then we will dream about....
    "The view from the balcony"
    "The calmness of the Skiathos Garden Cottages"
    "The poolside pleasure"
    and most of all
    "Your hospitality"
    Love friendship

  • S.G.C.

    Debbie and Steve wrote on Nov 17, 2011 15:52:

    20/05-27/05 2011 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Wow!!!Our first visit to Skiathos Garden Cottages.So much has been said about your kindness,professionalism and humor.We would just like to say that we have been so impressed that we will be back in May 2012.
    Take care and have a very prosperous 2011 in Skiathos.
    Much love!

  • S.G.C.

    Alf and Jenny wrote on Nov 17, 2011 14:33:

    05/08-12/08 2011 Bluebell cottage.

    Skiathos Garden Cottages have once again provided us with a memorable holiday in the sun.We are very grateful for your daily taxi service and spotlessly clean cottages,but most of all we enjoyed your friendship and fun on our stay.
    All our love.

  • S.G.C.

    Mariusz and Krysztof wrote on Nov 17, 2011 14:26:

    01/07-10/07 2011 Bluebell cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We have had a wonderful time in two of your cottages.First of all thank you for a new experience in our life:It was such a fun to climb with our small car to the top of the hill at Bluebell cottage.Secondly thank you for your friendship and kindness which made our stay very comfortable.We loved the view from the balcony,especially each time we had our breakfast.
    Skiathos is a wonderful place!!
    We will recommend your place to our friends and we are pretty sure we will come back again.
    All the best and BIG THANK YOU.

  • S.G.C.

    Debbie and Phil wrote on Nov 17, 2011 14:11:

    17/06-24/06 2011 Bluebell cottage.

    Litsa and Apostolis,
    Just a GREAT BIG THANK YOU,loved every minute of our stay here,a week is not long enough.Our batteries are recharged but we wish we were staying!!
    All the best for the future and we'll see you again.
    P.S.Great cottage,Great place,Great view and Great hosts!

  • S.G.C.

    Karen,Tom and Emily wrote on Nov 17, 2011 11:33:

    27/05-03/06 2011 Bluebell cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We have had a wonderful holiday.I am writing this on the balcony of Bluebell Cottage,looking at the stunning view of Skiathos Town.Loved eating breakfast here each morning.
    Bluebell cottage is a lovely place to enjoy a relaxing holiday and I know we will definitely be back again really much of Skiathos to explore!
    Thank you Apostolis for your lifts into town and for being so welcoming and friendly.Hope to meet Litsa and Nikoleta next time.
    Thanks again...we loved it so much!

  • S.G.C.

    Guus,Micke,Mark and Styn wrote on Nov 17, 2011 11:26:

    26/04-03/05 2011 Bluebell cottage.

    Some keywords,
    Styn<10 years old> noticed:Playing football on the parking place,the goats with their ringing bells and the lovely flowers.
    Mark<12 years old> liked the view from the cottage and the blue sea.
    Micke liked the view on Skiathos town from the bedroom and the lovely breakfast on the terrace.
    Thanks for your great hospitality and the nice atmosphere in and around the Garden Cottages.

  • S.G.C.

    Ruth and Gerry wrote on Nov 17, 2011 11:14:

    24/08-31/08 2011 Jasmine cottage.

    Fantastic as all our friends had said it would be!
    View amazing,definitely paradise.
    We will return.
    Many thanks!

  • S.G.C.

    Diane and Stuart wrote on Nov 17, 2011 11:10:

    05/08-12/08 2011 Jasmine cottage.

    What makes us happy about leaving the Cottages?
    We ALWAYS know we will return.
    Yet another Fantastic week on the beautiful Island of Skiathos.The cottages feel like home and more and more we feel we are visiting our friends Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta.
    The perfect holiday!
    Many thanks for your kindness.

  • S.G.C.

    Steve,Isabelle and Tom wrote on Nov 17, 2011 10:56:

    22/07-05/08 2011 Jasmine cottage.

    Back again for a 3rd wonderful stay at our favourite holiday destination.We feel more than welcome by our fabulous hosts who continue to maintain their high standards.
    Will we be back?
    I suggest we will!
    Thanks to litsa and Apostolis once again.Mark out of 10:Yes you guessed it 10!
    P.S.Nearly forgot! A big thank you to the new cleaner,our room was kept spotless.

  • S.G.C.

    Andy and Juliet wrote on Nov 17, 2011 10:49:

    15/07-22/07 2011 Jasmine cottage.

    A wonderful week,great for relaxing.Thank you to Litsa and Apostolis to all the attention to detail,the beautiful surroundings,it all adds up to an amazing break!

  • S.G.C.

    Nicola, Mike and Alf wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:44:

    03/09-10/09 2010 Bluebell cottage.

    Thanks for a fantastic holiday. We loved the view, the pool and Skiathos!
    The lifts to and from Town have been so good for us with Alf and have helped to make it a perfect holiday. Especially for Alf who was so excited about the big blue car.
    We will make sure everyone hears about your beautiful cottages at Home

  • S.G.C.

    Anne, Colin, Emma and James Hill wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:43:

    23/07-13/08 2010 Bluebell cottage.

    We have had a brilliant holiday in the last three weeks. Everybody has commented on the views. Scenes from the villas which are to be treasured and never forgotten.
    What nobody has previously mentioned is the wing life, particularly the birds of prey soaring and flying past the balcony, much to the joy of our eleven year old James. Buzzards, Falcons and on several occasions an imperial eagle have flown close to the villa, with little owls and night birds seen close by.
    Apostolis and Litsa are the perfect hosts, nothing too much trouble and the invaluable lifts are a great gift.
    Thank you guys!
    Colin Hill

    Dear Apostolis, Litsa and Nikoleta,
    Id just like to add my own special thanks for all your help and kindness and for making us feel so welcome. For the first time ever I havent felt home sick once, and thats because you've made us all feel so at home!
    Hope it won't be too long till we see you again!
    Lots of Love!
    Anne Hill

  • S.G.C.

    Claire wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:41:

    28/05-01/06 2010 Bluebell cottage.

    Thanks so much for such a lovely stay. You have done a fabulous job with these cottages and business-no wonder why people come back here year after year! For four students looking for a bit of relaxation after exams, we couldn't have chosen a better place.
    All the best!
    Thanks again!

  • S.G.C.

    Steve, Isabelle and Tom wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:40:

    23/07-06/08 2010 Jasmine cottage.

    As we predicted last year, we would return to this idyllic holiday destination.
    Once again Apostolis and Litsa have made our stay one to remember with nothing a problem to them.
    Once again a massive thanks to our hosts and predict we will be back.

  • S.G.C.

    Sari and Daniel wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:38:

    17/06-01/07 2010 Jasmine cottage.

    Lovely Island, lovely cottage! Lovely hosts, thank you Litsa and Apostolis. Your pool is very nice with the stunning view. We all enjoyed the refreshing feeling of the pool in the middle of the heat.
    Hope to see you someday again!

  • S.G.C.

    Mikko and Sipra wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:37:

    10/06-17/06 2010 Jasmine cottage.

    We had high expectations when we came here but this was even more than we had hoped for: beautiful scenery, great pool and sunshine. Jasmine cottage was superb: lots of space and very clean. However what made our stay extra special was Litsa's kindness.
    We will never forget how you helped us with everything!
    Thank you!
    Hope to see you soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Jenny and Alex wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:36:

    24/05-02/06 2010 Jasmine cottage.

    We have had a very restful time in your beautiful cottage. For most of the time we were alone in your top level and we loved the peace and quiet.
    Thank you Litsa for being here when we needed you and for being so patient with all our travel needs-even before we arrived.
    We go home now refreshed to a busy and historic time in our countrybut we look forward to our next visit to Skiathos.
    Best regards.

  • S.G.C.

    Richard and Lorraine wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:34:

    18/06-25/06 2010 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis
    We've had a great week, the cottage especially exceeded our expectations!
    You have been very kind and helpful in particular late night lifts out of Town!!
    Thank you very much.

  • S.G.C.

    Sophie, Brenna and Lyndsey wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:33:

    15/06-18/06 2010 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta
    From the moment you guys met us at the harbour, we knew we were in for a treat. After a long few days of travelling there was nothing better than being greeted by the welcoming smiles of your family and beautiful views of your hotel. Everything was perfect, made more wonderful by your special attention to detail. Thank you for taking such great care of us and offering such an amazing oasis that we will never forget.
    We hope to return soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Mary Norton wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:30:

    10/06-15/06 2010 Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa
    What a relief to find this wonderful spot. I cannot add to the compliments. It has all been said before.
    My 84 year old Mum full instantly in love with it. Although I was very apprehensive about the road. Litsas confidence that I would manage, gave me the courage and confidence to give it a go.
    Wonderful Island and I would like to bring the rest of my family here to experience the magic of Skiathos.
    All the best!! With your enthusiasm you can only succeed.
    Kind regards

  • S.G.C.

    Claire and Aaron wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:27:

    27/08-10/09 2010 Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis
    What can we say? Yet another wonderful two weeks in Rose cottage!
    Thank you for everything as always.
    Will get in touch very soon about our
    next holiday
    All our love,

  • S.G.C.

    Odette and Chris wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:26:

    01/08-11/08 2010 Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis
    Thank you for helping to make this holiday one of the best we have ever had! We have travelled a bit and can say that Rose cottage has been one of the cleanest, very nice design and picture perfect places we have ever stayed in. We are really going to recommend Skiathos Garden Cottages to everybody. Thank you Litsa for helping us to arrange our trip from Paris to Athens and every friendly suggestion. Apostolis thank you for all the information and helpfulness and above all, all the lifts!
    We wish you success for the future and hope to see you and beautiful Skiathos again soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Nan and Mike wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:24:

    05/06-12/06 2010 Rose cottage.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. We loved Rose cottage and had a great time at the pool, the beaches and in the Town of Skiathos. Our excursion around the Island was beautiful and our cruise to Skopelos was great since we loved seeing all the Mamma Mia location. We will definitely be back soon again and will highly recommend your beautiful cottages to all our friends!
    Best wishes.

  • S.G.C.

    Sophie Jones wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:23:

    16/06-30/07 2010 Tulip cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis
    Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday. It has been so long since we have had a holiday and we madly needed some time out. This was the perfect place to come and relax and enjoy our selves before our busy season.
    We think what you both have achieved here is amazing and hope you continue to have a very successful business. < we hope we can follow in your footsteps with the weddings>

  • S.G.C.

    Vickie and Rob wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:22:

    23/06-30/06 2010 Tulip cottage.

    Thank you for a lovely holiday. Your cottages are truly outstanding and we will be recommending them to our friends and family .I know we will be back and look forward to our drinks on the terrace and enjoying the fabulous views.
    A holiday and stay to remember.
    Thank you!

  • S.G.C.

    Jo and Liz wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:20:

    09/06-23/06 2010 Tulip cottage.

    Thank you for a wonderful stay. The view simply stunning! The great hospitality and genuine kindness you both offer with ease has helped to make this a relaxing and unforgettable holiday. I look forward to seeing you both again at any return
    Thank you both for helping us to take back many wonderful memories. Beautiful accommodation and a beautiful Island.

  • S.G.C.

    Marlene and Paul wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:19:

    29/05-05/06 2010 Tulip cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis
    Thank you for a lovely time up in the hills of Skiathos! We've had a wonderful time and will definitely recommend this place to our friends. Nothing to complain about, everything was perfect, even the refreshing walks up from Town.
    We wish you continuously good luck with this place, keep on with the good work and excellent service!
    Best wishes

  • S.G.C.

    Mick and Liz wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:17:

    26/08-02/09  2009  Jasmine cottage.

    We've had an incredible week. Staying at this beautiful cottage with the amazing Litsa for whom nothing was ever too much. She was always there for our wants and needs! Loved it all, thank you both!!
    We'll be back!!
    Mick and Liz

  • S.G.C.

    Steve, Isabelle and Tom wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:16:

    24/07-07/08  2009  Jasmine cottage.

    Our first visit to Skiathos!!
    We have had the most wonderful time, enjoying the weather, food, beaches and the overall relaxing atmosphere of this lovely Island. However the most pleasing aspect of the whole experience was the sincere wishes of Litsa and Apostolis, to ensure our stay was first class. From day one to fourteen nothing was a problem The rooms are excellent and kept very clean. The views stunning day and night.
    Our sincere thanks! We will be back!

  • S.G.C.

    Julie and Ken wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:15:

    26/06-03/07 2009 Jasmine cottage.

    Our second visit to Skiathos. This time with our daughter and son-in-law. Stayed at Jasmine and Bluebell cottage and have had a wonderful week. We all just love the pool, so relaxing and views to die for.
    Back to U.K. with lovely memories once again.
    Many thanks!!

  • S.G.C.

    Marvin and Susan wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:14:

    22/05-29/05  2009  Jasmine cottage.

    What a fantastic place! Breathtaking views, superb accommodation and a wonderful pool.
    This is our second year here with our two boys who felt in love with the pool and sun beds and when they are happy then we are happy too!!
    Litsa and Apostolis thank you very much, we will recommend this lovely place to all our friends.

  • S.G.C.

     Harri Honko wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:13:

    28/04-02/05 2009  Jasmine cottage.

    A beautiful start of the season! We did it to Skiathos after some straggle with the flight schedule changes. Very good weather, cottage and Island, indeed We've been told that we were the second visitors from Finland, hope not be the last ones.
    Thanks Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta for your kindness and hospitality. Also thank you for the lifts to and from the town, always being there for our needs.
    Wishing you a wonderful summer of 2009 and hope to come again to the near future.

  • S.G.C.

    Sara Wilde wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:12:

    31/07-07/08  2009  Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta.
    Thank you for a great stay here at Lily Cottage. This was our first time in Skiathos and won't be our last. The accommodation is lovely compact but complete. The pool area is great and suited our family perfectly.The views of Skiathos town are wonderful, especially at night.
    Here we had really a great stay with a lot of sunshine.
    Litsa and Apostolis work very hard to make our stay most enjoyable. Thank for everything!!

  • S.G.C.

    Jo, Jon, Molly and Florence Clayton wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:11:

    10/07-24/07  2009  Lily cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta
    Magical as how I must describe our fortnight. We've all had an absolutely wonderful time and are so sad that our holiday is coming to an end.
    Your cottages are wonderful, you have put so much thought into providing your guests with everything that is needed.
    Molly and Florence particularly enjoyed playing, swimming and drawing with Nikoleta. She is a credit to you both.
    The poolside etc and shower are out of this world!
    We are planning to return 2011, between now and then you have provide us with so many memories, which will be with us forever.
    Thanks too for all of the late night trips from town. You work very, very hard ensuring our stay was the best it could be.
    With Love,
    Jo, Jon, Molly and Florence.

  • S.G.C.

    Diane and Stuart wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:10:

    05/06-19/06  2009 Lily cottage.

    Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta.
    We are so fortunate that the Beautiful Skiathos Garden Cottages have touched not only our hearts, but also our many friends and of course our family.
    We talk of our holidays here often and enjoy reminding ourselves with the many fabulous photos.
    You have built a fantastic place and we both see how hard both of you and Apostolis work. Your kindness and friendliness is something special.
    This holiday had a 1rst week full of games, fun and beauty and the second was the most relaxing week.
    The happiness stays with us as we know we will return in the future.
    For now we will wish you love and happiness and say Many, Many Thanks again!
    Until we return,
    Diane and Stuart.

  • S.G.C.

    Dianah and Neil wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:08:

    22/05-05/06  2009  Lily cottage.

    Thanks again for looking after us so well and making us feel at home. We've had a great time and will see you again next year. It was good to meet Nikoleta at last.
    Have a great season!

  • S.G.C.

    Rebecca, Jake, Debbie and Paul wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:07:

    10/07-24/07  2009  Rose cottage.

    We had a fabulous time in Rose cottage, the view was stunning and the weather was great. We felt very comfortable because you were both kind. We will recommend Rose cottage to others.
    Thanks for a fantastic holiday!

  • S.G.C.

    Dimitris Anestis wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:06:

    06/07-10/07  2009  Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you for the wonderful days we spend in Skiathos! Everything was excellent, the cottage, the swimming pool, the sea view!
    It's a dream which never ends!
    Thank you very much for your kindness and for your warm hospitality!

  • S.G.C.

    Dirk Klein wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:05:

    23/06-29/06  2009  Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you very much for the wonderful days we had in Skiathos and especially at your wonderful Rose cottage. We felt very comfortable because you both were so friendly and nice.

  • S.G.C.

    Sara and Andrew wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:04:

    05/06-19/06  2009  Rose cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thanks again for a wonderful relaxing holiday. We rarely visit the same place twice but after staying in Rose cottage June 2001 we knew we would be making an exception!
    Everything is as we remember it, perfect. We never tire of the stunning views, excellent accommodation and lazy days at the pool. Your generous hospitality and friendship are one of the many reasons we have enjoyed our time in Skiathos. We are so looking forward to our next holiday here!
    Thank you for everything!!
    Love Sara and Andrew

  • S.G.C.

    Rosie and Chris wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:02:

    24/05-28/05  2009  Rose cottage.

    We have had a dream time at Rose cottage. When we first seen it in the internet we knew we had to come as soon as possible! After one or two phone calls we actually got here and it has been even better from what we expect.
    We've had wonderful BBQS sitting at the terrace and chatting, drinking Greek wine late into the night, followed by lazy mornings and afternoons by the pool, with perfect sunshine.
    The cottage itself is so well designed and organized with everything you could possible need.
    But most of all, Litsa's warm personality and generosity have been so memorable. Most to mention the trips to and from the town and the help and the advice she have given.
    Stunning views, stunning everything, we can't wait to come back.
    Rosie and Chris

  • S.G.C.

    Trevor and Pam wrote on Nov 15, 2011 14:00:

    31/07-07/08  2009  Tulip cottage.

    We had a wonderful stay. It was lovely to have lifts when we needed. Very kind people here. Great cottages. Overall a fantastic stay.
    When we get home we will definitely be recommending this to our friends.
    Thank you!!

  • S.G.C.

    The Knapps wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:59:

    10/07-24/07  2009  Tulip cottage.

    Our first visit to Skiathos was 8 years ago. We booked Zorbas and had a fabulous day out. We've
    watched the cottages progress on the internet since then. When my parents suggest a family holidays, here was our first and only suggestion. Our family consist of 11 people, so we needed 3 cottages. When we arrived we weren't disappointed. It was far more up than our highest expectations, fulfilled all our wants and needs with the help of Litsa and Apostolis.
    I now want to come back either with friends or family or just the two of us when the studio will be ready. When you have been somewhere fantastic you want to share it with everyone but a part of you wants to keep this place secret!!
    So tomorrow when I get home I will tell everyone about this lovely place but be a little vague and say its somewhere in the Aegean Sea, but if you are reading this you are already here and probable have the same thoughts.
    Thank you Litsa and Apostolis for being our perfect hosts.

  • S.G.C.

    John and Louise wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:52:

    26/06-10/07 2009  Tulip cottage.

    Finally we made it back to Skiathos to stay in one of your beautiful cottages.
    Thank you for looking after us so well, all those lifts from town late at night! Our stay has been perfect, so relaxing and our sailing with Apostolis was wonderful.
    See you all next time
    Much love!!
    John and Louise.

  • S.G.C.

    Alan and Sylvia wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:51:

    04/09-18/09  2009  Bluebell cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    This was our second visit to your amazing cottages. Each cottage we have stayed in has been tastefully furnished and very comfortable. Your design ideas are inspiring. The view from these higher cottages is even more breathtaking.
    Thank you for all your help and friendship during our stay. Unfortunately you cannot control the weather and the rain, but we had a spectacular view from this lovely cottage.
    You new shower room etc by the pool is an excellent addition. It is also very modern in design.
    We will recommend your cottages to all our friends and no doubt we will come back.

  • S.G.C.

    Jens and Veronika wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:50:

    24/07-31/07  2009  Bluebell cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta
    We had a wonderful stay at your cottages. The view is priceless, the cottage itself gorgeous. Skiathos is a beautiful Island that is absolutely worth visiting more than just once!
    Thank you for your kindness and friendliness. It made our stay even more relaxing and comfortable.
    We will definitely be back some time.

  • S.G.C.

    Nicholas and Velda wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:49:

    10/07-24/07  2009  Bluebell cottage.

    When we first stood on the balcony and saw the views we could not believe it. What a superb view, what a wonderful life!!! Then to walk into Bluebell cottage and the way Litsa and Apostolis had build it out and decorated it was beyond words.
    Both, Litsa and Apostolis as well as little Nikoleta have looked after us with patience and professionalism. We have loved Skiathos from the moment we stepped off the plane. Everyone is so, so friendly. We will return again and again.
    All our love and thanks,
    Nick and Velda.

  • S.G.C.

    Candice and Glyn wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:48:

    26/06-03/07   2009  Bluebell cottage.

    Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoleta
    Well what a fantastic weeks holiday we have had here, from the moment we arrived we relaxed and felt at home. Bluebell cottage is gorgeous, topped off by the stunning views. This was our first time here on a recommendation and we will certainly be back!!
    Thank you for all the lifts back from the town and for your smiley faces and good luck with everything.
    Hope to see you both next Year!
    Glyn and Candice.

  • S.G.C.

    Maureen and Eric wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:47:

    19/06-26/06  2009  Bluebell cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We have had a wonderful weeks holiday in your beautiful cottage Bluebell. The views over Skiathos are fantastic both day and night when all the lights come on.
    We both thank you for all the lifts into town each day and evening. Loved the swimming pool and our morning dips. We will miss that when we go home.
    We both had a great day on your boat, so glad we went.
    We will be recommending your cottages to family and friends and hope we can come back again for another holiday.
    Thank you again Litsa for everything and we wish you and Apostolis a great future with all that you do.
    Love Maureen and Eric.

  • S.G.C.

    Alf and Jenny wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:45:

    12/06-19/06  2009  Bluebell cottage.

    Litsa and Family
    We have enjoyed another great week in Skiathos Garden Cottages, the only destination for holidays on your beautiful Island.
    Thank you so much for your taxi service with a smile and your kindness to help and make our stay more memorable each year. The cottages are maintained and decorated so nicely and always cleaned each day so well.
    This has been our third visit and we look forward for many more!!
    Love Alf and Jenny.

  • S.G.C.

    Stewart and Davina wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:44:

    04/07-18/07 2008 Lily Cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoletta
    Having arrived from Scotland with six of our friends, everything that they had told us from a visit last year, lived up to our expectations-and much more!
    Lily cottage has such an amazing view and has been so comfortable and clean through our stay. The pool area has been well used by us as we participated everyday in the Skiathos Olympics. It was a welcome change to the bustle down Town.
    The Island is beautiful. Warning you all, the best in your future ventures.
    Your care and attention to detail, not to forget the transport into Town every night, were superb. Nikoletta also kept us amused by the pool with her antics and infectious laugh.
    Hope to see you again!
    All our love!

  • S.G.C.

    Ron and Paul wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:43:

    30/09-06/10 2008 Rose Cottage.

    Third trip to the beautiful Island of Skiathos and first time staying at Graden Cottages but this will certainly be our next choice as well. The cottage was immaculate and hospitality was great. Although end of season and Town was preparing to winter, our hosts had all the warmth of summer. The location is situated perfectly for all the hiking we enjoy and close enough to Town for nightly dinners.
    All the best and we will certainly be back!

  • S.G.C.

    Lee and Nigel Barker wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:42:

    14/09-29/09 2008 Rose Cottage.

    This was the holiday that almost didn't happen! Sad it may sound, but were still working at 2am on the 12/09 when we heard that XL, the company we'd booked our flight with had gone bust!
    We'd met Apostolis and Litsa in September 2007 when we'd seen these lovely cottages and the picture I'd taken of the views had been on my screensaver for a year. We HAD to get here! When there were no flights to Skiathos we booked a flight to Athens later that day and go to our travel canceller to get us a hotel to Athens and some suggestions how to get to Skiathos.
    It look a while, nearly going to the wrong place where there was no ferry, then just missing the hydrofoil Β½ an hour and having another day again in Agios Konstantinos, but with Litsa's help we eventually arrived by hydrofoil on Sunday evening and a wonderful welcome from Litsa.
    It was so lovely to be here after a year's wait and all the drama of getting here, it was like coming home.
    We can only endorse what others have said. Rose cottage is clean, comfortable, well above average, so much nicer than where we stayed last year. The view is incredible and changes every time you look out. Nothing is too much trouble with lifts into Town, arranging car hire and help to get us back home, the U.K.
    We had the most amazing day with Apostolis on the boat-anyone reading this Go! You'll be in for a real treat.
    We wish Apostolis and Litsa the very best, we'll be recommending you to everyone we know.
    Possible ideas for improvement? Nothing! Don't change anything!!!
    If we can't come back in 2009, weβ'll see you in 2010!.
    Love and very best wishes!
    P.S. Didn't think it could get any better, but as we had a look around Jasmine and Bluebell cottages-go and see them, even more fabulous!

  • S.G.C.

    Jim and Mary Mc Michael wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:36:

    12/09-19/09 2008 Lily cottage.

    What a wonderful holiday in Skiathos, all made very special by our stay in Skiathos Garden Cottages.
    Thank you Litsa for all your help!
    Our XL flights caused some major disruptions, but you have been so helpful in assisting our revised itineration, making this a holiday to remember.
    Looking forward to returning again!

  • S.G.C.

    Richard and Pat wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:35:

    29/08-05/09 2008 Jasmine Cottage.

    When you arrive in the dark and don't know what to expect, the view from the bedroom in the morning is breathtaking. What a fabulous place this is.
    Many thanks to Litsa and Apostolis for all their help!
    Here's to next time!

  • S.G.C.

    Liana, Mark, Barbie, Jennifer and Stephanie wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:34:

    25/07-30/07 2008 Jasmine Cottage

    Your place is simply incredible. We loved the view, enjoyed being in your comfortable cottage and swimming pool. It has really been a blessing for us.
    Thank you very much for your hospitality. We hope we can come back in the very near future.
    God bless you.

  • S.G.C.

    Leanne, Jamie, Caroline and Ian wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:32:

    11/07-25/07 2008 Jasmine Cottage.

    Once again our visit to Skiathos Garden Cottages has been wonderful. We enjoyed last year so much, we brought our friends this time and they have also loved their time here. The new cottages are lovely and the view is incredible.
    Litsa and Apostolis have been superb hosts and we look forward to seeing you again. Nikoletta your swimming is excellent!
    Thank you for everything,
    All our love!

  • S.G.C.

    Alf and Jenny wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:31:

    04/07-11/07 2008 Jasmine Cottage.

    Our second visit to Skiathos Garden Cottages and we loved it once more. The new cottages have been made out beautifully!
    Litsa and Apo are great hosts, leave you to your self but always there to help out when needed.
    We will be back!!

  • S.G.C.

    Margaret and Roger wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:30:

    30/05-27/06 2008 Jasmine Cottage.

    We came upon this place purely by accident it is the only accident in our lives we do not regret. Litsa and Apostolis have been perfect hosts and we are looking forward to spending more time at Jasmine cottage again next year.
    Yamas to all who stay at Jasmine cottage and enjoy!

  • S.G.C.

    Anne and Roger wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:28:

    29/08-05/09 2008 Rose Cottage

    Had a lovely time again!
    We didn't want to go home.
    Hope to stay in Rose cottage again in the future.
    Best wishes
    Good luck for 2009

  • S.G.C.

    Gillian, Stuart, Ben and Luke wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:27:

    18/07-01/08 2008 Rose Cottage.

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Words can not express what a wonderful time we have had. Rose cottage was perfect and you have been so kind and helpful.
    Garden Cottages were perfect and we were so sad to be going home. We are all looking forward to coming back next year.
    Litsa a really big thank you for all your help, advice and time helping me sort out my wedding next year. We can't wait to come back.
    Lots of love!

  • S.G.C.

    Andrea and Bill wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:26:

    04/07-11/07 2008 Rose Cottage.

    When Diane and Stuart said, you must come at Garden Cottages in Skiathos, we just knew we'd have a wonderful time. It has been a great week.
    Litsa many thanks for your fantastic hospitality, for all the lifts down at Town each night. We will always remember our lovely stay here and think of the beautiful view when we are in the middle of a long Scotland winter!
    Many thanks!

  • S.G.C.

    Julie and Ken Hartley. wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:24:

    27/06-04/07 2008 Rose Cottage.

    Booking Rose Cottage on the internet back on a winter's night in January was the best more I've made in years! Arriving at Garden Cottages and seeing the views was amazing!
    We've had the most relaxing week, every detail has been thought through and the welcome from Litsa and Apostolis, and their hospitality is first class.
    We will definitely be back but hope that with its imminent popularity, we won't have too much trouble booking when we want to come! 
    P.S.Β BBQ! Is great, just watching the day turn into night over Skiathos Town, local wine is very good.
    We will be back and will recommending to all our family and friends.
    Thanks again!

  • S.G.C.

    Barry and Celia wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:23:

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,

    What a wonderful holiday we have had, one of our best .It was six years ago when we last saw you, but Litsa when you met us at the Airport it was as though we had seen you only last week. The welcome was as warm and caring as the hospitality you have given us over the last two weeks. The cottages, pool and accessories one with quality and cleanliness. The lifts in and out of Town were well beyond our expectations, and always with a smile. Your lovely daughter NikolettaΒ was also o joy to be with especially as she has the same smile as her parents.
    Thank you all, we will be back. You cannot fail to succeed. Wow what a view.
    As usual we enjoyed our day on the boat with Apostolis.
    Love to you all!

  • S.G.C.

    Patrick and Jean wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:22:

    26/09-03/10 2008 Lily Cottage.

    Another lovely holiday in Skiathos Garden Cottages.
    Thank you again for all your hospitality. The two new cottages are superb, beyond all expectation!
    Good luck for 2009,
    Hope to see you in the new future,
    Best wishes.

  • S.G.C.

    Steve and Dianne wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:21:

    19/09-26/09 2008 Lily Cottage.

    Dear Litsa,

    Our second visit at your lovely cottages was wonderful again!
    We just want to say very many thanks for your warm welcoming hospitality! Once again we have been made us feel very much at home here, and the cottage itself is exceptional. The view of Skiathos from the terrace is always magnificent!
    Best wishes to you and your family, we look forward to meeting Apostolis again and enjoying the pleasure of sailing the Islands.
    Lot's of love!

  • S.G.C.

    Malcolm, Amanda and Chelsey Scott wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:19:

    27/06-04/07 2008 Lily Cottage.

    To Litsa and Apostolis,
    We came to your cottages recommended by Louise and Callum We have enjoyed every minute of our stay.
    Lily cottage is lovely and the views are stunning, especially at night.
    You have both been excellent hosts and made us feel very welcome. Maybe next time we will see Nikoletta!
    We thank you again for all your kindness and we will take back great memories of Skiathos and Skiathos Garden Cottages.
    See you soon again!

  • S.G.C.

    Carol and Mike wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:17:

    06/06-20/06 2008 Lily Cottage.

    Dear Litsa,
    We fell in love with the cottage at first sight.The views are breathtaking, even when it rains!
    The accommodation was extremely comfortable and the service we have received, and your personal care, made our stay quite wonderful.
    Sadly we had to leave before we could enjoy the full benefit of what you offer, and we shall miss the opportunity of sailing with Apostolis.
    We will be in touch and very much look forward to returning to Skiathos Garden Cottages soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Dianah and Neil Worman wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:16:

    23/05-30/05 2008 Lily Cottage.

    We, too, have been enchanted by this magical place, and delighted by the warmth on the welcome we have received and the care taken.
    To ensure our time here has been comfortable in even way.
    Thank you,Β litsa and Apostolis, it has been everything we would have hoped too.
    Now we have some idea on what filoxenia means!
    We will be back for longer, so we can sail and are so happy to have found somewhere so special to come and we look forward to seeing you again next year!
    With all best wishes!

  • S.G.C.

    Dave and Trish Woodward wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:15:

    05/09-12/09 2008 Bluebell Cottage.

    Another fantastic holiday in an idyllic setting.
    Really sad at having to leave .A week is not enough.
    Thanks for being great hosts and for another memorable trip on the boat.
    Be back next year!

  • S.G.C.

    Margaret and Pat wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:13:

    29/08-05/09 2008 Bluebell Cottage.

    We have enjoyed a wonderful week in this little corner of Paradise!
    You have looked after us so well, nothing has been too much trouble and we really appreciate everything you have done for us.
    Bluebell cottage is beautiful, and the stunning view will keep us going through the winter!
    Can't wait to come back again!
    Love to you both and good luck with your new projects!

  • S.G.C.

    Marie, Barrie and Sophie wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:12:

    18/07-01/08 2008 Bluebell Cottage.

    Dear Litsa , Apostolis and Nikoletta
    We have had a fantastic holiday!
    Bluebell cottage is fabulous and the views stunning!
    You have looked after us so well, we can't wait to come back next year!
    Thank you so much!

  • S.G.C.

    Diane and Stuart wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:11:

    04/07-18/07 2008 Bluebell Cottage.

    What a pleasure to be the first guests to write in the book for Bluebell Cottage.
    We have again enjoyed a fantastic stay on the Island of Skiathos.
    Your attention to detail for the decor of the two new cottages is beautiful.
    Our friends and family have so enjoyed a great time and we so love your friendship and helpfulness throughout our two weeks stay.
    Thank you very much!! and the views from the balcony will stay with both Stuart and I as we sit back in Scotland.
    Until we visit again,
    Much love!

  • S.G.C.

    Angela and Keith Berry wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:09:

    13/06-27/06 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    Wow what a fantastic holiday!
    What a lovely warm welcome from Litsa on our arrival, the service offered by her and Apostolis is second to none, a day out on Apos boat is something not to be missed .The cottage and the pool are first class.
    We wish you every success for your plans in the future.
    Lots of love to you both!
    Not forgetting you lovely Nikoletta.
    We will be back!

  • S.G.C.

    Claire, Kate, Andrew and Vickie wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:08:

    27/06-04/07 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    We had a lovely holiday at your cottages. Thank you for all of our lifts to Town.
    The cottages and pool are very nice.
    Hope to come back soon!
    All the best!

  • S.G.C.

    Georgina, Mark, David and Richard wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:07:

    04/07-18/07 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    Dear Litsa, Apostolis and Nikoletta
    Many thanks for a truly wonderful holiday. It has been very peaceful and relaxing. The cottages are beautiful and the views spectacular. You have been very good hosts and we will tell all our friends about our great holiday.
    Hope to see you soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Kim, Bill and Daniel wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:06:

    18/07-01/08 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    Thank you for making our holiday so special. You have been so kind and helpful. We have had a fantastic time. You have been great. The boat trip was so enjoyable.
    We wait to come back next year!

  • S.G.C.

    Dave and Fiona Ellis wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:05:

    05/09-12/09 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    How fantastic to be back!
    Even the storm didn't ruin it. The holiday has been lovely.
    Thank you both for everything, you are beautiful people. The new cottages are stunning!
    Much love!

  • S.G.C.

    Sylvia and Alan Blackburn wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:04:

    05/09-19/09 2008 Tulip Cottage.

    Litsa and Apostolis
    You have worked so hard to make our holiday enjoyable. Thank you for looking after us so well.
    Your cottages and the view are second to none and we will recommend you to all our friends.
    Alan has especially enjoyed the lazy days by the pool .Its a superb pool.
    We hope to see you again.

  • S.G.C.

    Peter and Pam  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:02:

    May 2007

    By hook or by crook,
    We were the first in this book,
    We are back!....
    ...and we wonder,its a wonderful place,
    cottage and of course a wonderful hospitality.
    I am sitting on the balcony,the sun is shining and the view is one which I can remeber all my life.Skiathos is,indeed,a special place...
    ...until next time,love to
    Litsa,Apostolis and of course Nikoleta.

  • S.G.C.

    Trish and David  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 13:01:

    May 2007

    It just keeps getting better.Our 4th stay at Rose cottage and it still has the magic.
    Thank you for being great hosts and for all your thoughtfulness.
    Love Dave and Trish.

  • S.G.C.

    Anne and Roger  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:59:

    June 2007

    Dear Litsa,Apostolis and family,
    We love "Rose cottage".The view is stunning ,its so lovely to sit on the terrace and watch the world go on.The pool is very much appreciated,especially when we have walked back from Town!
    You have given us everything we could wait and more.The wine and fruit,tea and coffee-thank you.
    The rooms were lovely and clean.
    Have a great summer and enjoy your holidays.
    See you next June!

  • S.G.C.

    Rob and Cathy  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:58:

    June 2007

    Dear Litsa and Tolis,
    Thank you both for such a lovely,welcome and wonderful hospitality.
    During our stay, the cottages are a credit to you and lived up to our expectations in every respect.
    We will miss you both and of course Nikoleta,she is gorgeous,oh and not forgetting little Figaro!
    We cant wait until we see you again next year.

  • S.G.C.

    Sara and Andrew wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:57:

    June 2007

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We know from the very first time we spoke to you on a cold winters day in the U.k. that we would have a fantastic holiday and we did!!
    Rose cottage,the stunning views and inviting pool made everything perfect-but most of all your warm,generous hospitality and friendship,mean we return home with many fond and happy memories of our first holiday in Greece.
    We look forward to our next holiday in Rose cottage!!

  • S.G.C.

    Kevin and Julie wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:56:

    June 2007

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you both for an absolutely,fabulous holiday in a perfect sitting with wonderful hosts.
    This was our 11th,by far,"best" visit to Skiathos and we all look forward to returning here soon!

  • S.G.C.

    Steve and Di  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:54:

    June 2007

    Idealic,superb,a perfectly relaxing location in every way,enchanced by wonderful hospitality.
    We would defy anyone not to want to return here!
    Many thanks and best wishes,
    Steve and Di.

  • S.G.C.

    Fiona and Dave  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:53:

    July 2007

    To Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you so much for everything.
    Your cottages are fabulous and the view is one that you cant take your eyes off and shall help us through the English winter.
    You are lovely people and we feel we have made some more Greek friends....
    P.S.The pool....WOW!!!

  • S.G.C.

    Diane and Stuart wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:52:

    July 2007

    Dearest Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta.
    Our holiday 2007,started as a dream in 2006 when we paid a short visit to your delightful Garden Cottages.We wanted our daughter,son-in-law,son and his partner to share the special atmosphere of Skiathos.
    The experience of having our family and special friends with us we soaked up your....KINDNESS,CARING and THOUGHTFULNESS throughout the two weeks was second to none.
    Many many thanks for all you did!!
    We have so many memories of a fantastic holiday and look forward to returning in the future.
    Lots of love to you all
    Diane and Stuart.

  • S.G.C.

    Leanne and Jamie wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:39:

    July 2007

    To Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you so much for a wonderfully and relaxing two weeks in your cottages.Our family has had so much fun together at your amazing pool and the view was incredible.
    Thank you for your kindness,we appreciated the lifts to Town every night and your clearliness and helpful nature has made us sure we would love to return to Skiathos in the future.
    Good luck in everything you do!

  • S.G.C.

    Friends from Scotland wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:37:

    July 2007

    We had a fabulous holiday in Rose cottage!
    Litsa and her family are great hosts and we will happily recommend "Skiathos Garden Cottages" to all our friends.
    The cottages are very clean,it becomes a very tidy and spotless place and of course there is Figaro < a little cat> for your entertainment!
    Best wishes!

  • S.G.C.

    Rebecca,Paul,Debbie and Jake wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:36:

    July 2007

    As said by others Rose cottage provides a fabulous base for a holiday in Skiathos.
    Our hosts must be some of the most helpful and kind people in Greece.
    We will recommend the cottages to our friends and will certainly be visiting them again.
    Thanks for a lovely holiday!

  • S.G.C.

    John,Sue and Sophia  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:34:

    July 2007

    Dear Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta,
    After reading through this book I can only agree with all your other guests who have said everything that we would of written to you.We can say that the internet is a wonderful tool that enabled us to find such a wonderful place and lovely people.
    This has been our 4th visit to Skiathos and it just keeps getting better.
    Litsa you have done a fantastic job with the cottages and I wish you very good luck with your new cottages interiors.I am sure they will look amazing.
    One last thing,if anyone is looking for a fabulous day you must go at Apostolis boat.We had the best day and we can highly recommend it.
    All the very best for the future!

  • S.G.C.

    Linda,Tim,Daisy and Jake wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:33:

    August 2007

    What a wonderful place to come on holiday!
    Everyday is like paradise.The views from the cottages are truly amazing and the accommodation is so clean and comfortable.
    The maid service is a real luxury and constantly having clean towels and beach towels, is lovely.
    We had such a wonderful day on the boat with Apostolis,and Litsa couldnt have been more kind and helpful.Thank you so much for arranging our Jeep hire and for being so incredibly kind and generous.
    We have had a wonderful holiday on Skiathos.
    Thank you so much!

  • S.G.C.

    Bronwyn wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:31:

    September 2007

    Dear Litsa,Apostolis and Nikoleta,
    Thank you for your generous hospitality,from the time we first contacted to the end of our glarious stay at your beautiful cottages.We have had a wonderful time in Skiathos,captured in the amazing view from the balcony you so carefully designed with visitors in mind.We felt with only us in mind,but know we share the peace and beauty we felt with those who came before us and with those who will have the shared pleasure of experiencing Greek paradise!
    Thank you!

  • S.G.C.

    Chris and Linda wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:30:

    September 2007

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    WOW!Fantastic quality on rooms and facilities,care and hospitality.
    The only bad thing is having to leave.
    Chris and lin

  • S.G.C.

    Pauline and Roy wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:28:

    September 2007

    I can only reiterate what many have said about Garden Cottages.
    This is a very special place.First class in every way.We certainly will be back again soon.Litsa and Apostolis are fabulous hosts.Our stay on Skiathos was made even more enjoyable by the kind efforts of them both.
    Look forward to meeting again next year.

  • S.G.C.

    Cindy and Mary  wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:27:

    September 2007

    It waves your heart when you meet a couple so genuine and kind as Litsa and Apostolis,nothing is too much bother for them.We have really enjoyed our week here in Garden Cottages.The first time for us and hopefully we will be back.
    We wish you continued success in your business,you deserve all the rewards it brings.
    Look forward to our return.

  • S.G.C.

    Patrick and Jean wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:25:

    September 2007

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    We have had a wonderful stay in Lily cottage,with superb accommodation,a perfect pool and a great day sailing.
    Best of all however was your kindness and hospitality from arrival to going home.
    Best wishes to both of you-Enjoy your well deserved holiday in Italy.
    Good luck with Jasmine and Bluebell in 2008.
    See you next September!

  • S.G.C.

    Lynda and Mark wrote on Nov 15, 2011 12:19:

    Octomber 2006

    Dear Litsa and Apostolis,
    Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.Lily cottage is everything we ecpected and so much more.
    The extra special touches you have made to the accommodation are very much appreciated and somewhat rare to find in Greece.
    We loved our days lazing by your beautiful pool with the fantastic views of the Town and the sea.
    We feel lucky to have found Skiathos Garden Cottages and will definitely be returning to Skiathos.
    Best kept Secret!!
    P.S.We loved the fluffy towels!

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